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When you are removing your old tile to make a new floor or doing some renovations to your home, there are some important factors to consider when looking to hire a tile removal service. The process of removing your tiles can be messy and take a lot of time, especially with ceramic tiles.



You need to find a tile removal specialist that can also keep the dust to a minimum, without proper measures in place, extra work may need to be done to remove the fine dust caused by the removal. Removing this dust may require expensive cleaning services


Repairing some parts of your tiles while renovating your home may seem like a good option to save your money, however, you may end up having to replace the floor sooner than you have to in the first place. Repairing your tile may only add an extra couple of years of life to your flooring before it will be in need of a complete replacement.


By hiring inexperienced tile removal company, you may end up spending more money. Without proper barriers dust will spread throughout your entire home, and the mortar underneath the tile creates a large amount of dust which may continue to cause problems for your furniture, carpet, clothing, and heating and cooling ducts.

Our experienced team are fully trained to contain this dust while removing your tile no matter your tile material. So when it comes to tile removal, our company is your best choice.

Tile Installation San Diego is a professional tile removal company that can assist you with any type of property whether residential and commercial floor removal needs with speed and accuracy. with the best team, tools and equipment needed to complete your job quickly and efficiently.

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