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It’s inevitable that tile installations in your home or business will suffer from general wear and tear. Over the damage can worsen and if left untreated can spread into the surrounding areas. You may also hear a hollow noise coming from your tile when walking across your tile flooring. This may mean that your tile is loose and needs to be repaired to prevent further damages across your entire tile surface. If the tile cracks, especially in the bathroom area, it may leak water and moisture into your floors or wall.



We offer tile repair services in the San Diego area and its surrounding. If you’re in need of tile repair services, call Tile Installation San Diego now and our team of professionals will help you restore your tiles to perfect condition.

At Tile Installation San Diego, we use proper measures in repairing your tiles to prevent future damages.



Firstly, we will cut the grout surrounding the loose or broken floor tile. This will allow us to remove the tile without damaging other part of the floor.



Then we will remove the tile and grind the mortar to prepare a smooth base to set the tile. Many people will try to do it themselves, and this step is often skipped, resulting in an uneven tile, or may cause the tile to come loose again.

Properly installed and repaired tiles will provide a long-lasting surface to your home, our professional tile repair specialists ensures we give the best tile repair service with a guaranteed satisfaction.

Tile Installation San Diego is a licensed and insured tile contractor in San Diego, specializing in tile projects. Most of our projects are scheduled and completed within one visit, so you don’t have to worry about the costs to our services as we provide an affordable but high-quality tile repair services.

Call Tile Installation San Diego for tile repair service! We handle your home tile repair from start to finish.

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